Samsung Combination Microwave


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Available in black, this Samsung Microwave has a large capacity, Dial & Touch technology and 13 pre-set programmes.

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£ 199.99 (VAT incl.)

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Available in black, this Samsung Microwave has a large capacity, Dial & Touch technology and 13 pre-set programmes. You’ll be able to cook all sorts of meals for your family quickly and easily.

Enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle? A combination of HotBlast Technology and the SLIM FRY feature let you cook healthier food in a hurry.

Cooking Technology

With new HotBlast™ technology, the MC32K7055CT blows hot air through multiple holes, directly onto food. Enjoy reduced cooking times and perfectly cooked meals.

Love fried food but watching your waistline? The SLIM FRY™ Technology combines a grill with blasts of hot air, so food crisps up with just a dash of oil. Enjoy your favourite meals without worrying about the numbers on the scales.

Save time and make life easier with the ‘Auto Cook’ programme. Simply pick your food type from a list of options, then leave your microwave to do the rest.

13 pre-programmed recipes help you prepare meals quickly, making life easier in the kitchen. Choose your favourite from the list of options and let the MC32K7055CT do all the hard work.

Recipes like dough and yoghurt are easy with the Dough Proof/Yoghurt setting. Your Samsung microwave will reach the perfect temperature to whip up tasty yoghurts and homemade bread with ease.


This microwave’s 32 L capacity gives plenty of cooking space for any occasion. Whether you are cooking for family and friends or a romantic meal for two, you can prepare a variety of foods without a hitch. 

And, microwaving food doesn’t mean it should lose its flavour. Use the Wide Grill feature to brown and grill effortlessly with the MC32K7055CT.

Cleaning is easy with the ‘Ceramic Enamel Interior’. The interior is scratch and rust resistant, giving you a hard-wearing microwave that will look better for longer. You can wipe down the smooth anti-bacterial surface quickly, making life that bit easier.

The ‘Triple Distribution System’ emits microwaves from three points in the cavity, ensuring food is cooked safely and thoroughly. Get the best possible taste and texture with Samsung’s MC32K7055CT.

Need frozen food to thaw in a hurry? With Power Defrost settings, this model can have your ingredients ready to cook at the press of a button.


While rotating a meal in the microwave has its uses, sometimes it’s better to keep large meals stationary. The On/Off turntable feature gives you the option to stop food from turning, in line with your needs.

This Samsung model also features a handy LED display, so you can check cooking times and settings at a glance. A wire rack comes with the MC32K7055CT, perfect for placing your food to cool.

Featuring a handy child lock, you can be sure that wandering hands won’t interfere with your microwave’s cooking cycle.

Size and Wattage

Measuring 30.9 x 52.3 x 48cm, this combi microwave offers powerful cooking. Power settings are:

  • Combination: 2100 W
  • Grill: 1500 W
  • Solo: 900 W

The Samsung MC32K7055CT has a range of cooking features for every occasion. Order yours today.

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