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Expect brighter whites, darker blacks and more vibrant colours than ever before. These features, and more are available...

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Expect brighter whites, darker blacks and more vibrant colours than ever before. These features, and more are available on LG’s SJ800V.

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Over One Billion Hues and Shades

LG has pulled out all the stops for the SJ800V. The Super UHD Nano Cell display delivers over eight million pixels – four times that of full HD – to give you LG’s best LED picture. This innovative display, combined with advanced 10-bit processing, will unlock over one billion hues and shades.

With a range of evenly sized pixels set one nanometer apart, Nano Cell technology delivers accurate and realistic colours.  The Nano Cell display also improves the off-centre colour consistency – now every seat is the best seat in the house.

The combination of these technologies ensures that the SJ800V offers the most vivid picture available from LG, where the grass really is greener.

Blacker than Black

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology will bring the most noticeable viewing improvements since the introduction of HD, 4K resolution or surround sound.

4K technology is about getting as many pixels as possible, whereas HDR focuses on getting the most out of those pixels. This is achieved by increasing the number of colours, the contrast range and the brightness.

LG’s SJ800V also supports HDR10 & Dolby Vision, the latest HDR standards, so you can be confident that your TV will display future HDR content.

To expand the contrast range even more, Ultra Luminance uses local dimming technology to deliver darker blacks and brighter whites. This technology will analyse the picture and adjust the dimming frame by frame, so you’ll always have the highest image quality.

All of this means that you’ll see even the most intricate details in darker scenes, and colour will be more true to life than ever before.

A Little Bit of Magic

We may all be muggles but thanks to LG’s WebOS 3.5, you can add a little bit of magic to your life.

Magic zoom allows you to see things in more detail – perfect for showing off your holiday snaps or channelling your inner Sherlock Holmes when watching TV dramas.

Or, why not try the Magic Mobile Connection to view, watch and listen to your smartphone content on the SJ800V? Once you pair your smartphone with the TV, you can even use your phone’s apps on the big screen.

All of this is done with your very own magic wand. LG’s Magic Remote can operate the TV and set-top box, either by motion or voice control. This makes it both quick and easy to switch channels and find content.

In addition to these great features, WebOS 3.5 opens up your TV to a whole world of content. Watch the latest films on subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Video, and catch up on programmes with free on-demand apps and Freeview Play.  You can also expect the highest quality audio as the LG SJ800V features 2.0 Ch 20 W Harman Kardon sound.

Design and Connectivity

The stunning on-screen picture of the SJ800V is met by its beautiful design. It has an ultra-slim, silver metal frame of just 62mm depth and also comes with a two-pole TV stand. These design elements allow you to display your TV with pride.

What’s more, this LG TV comes with four HDMI connections and three USB ports, so you can plug in anything from your Blu-ray player to your favourite games console, without swapping wires.

The SJ800V is at the pinnacle of LED TVs, and the HDR support takes it into the future. It also comes with an A+ energy efficiency rating, helping you save money and the environment. Buy yours today.

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