Bosch PIE631BB5E 59.2cm Induction Hob Kit - Black + Free Pan Set
  • Bosch PIE631BB5E 59.2cm Induction Hob Kit - Black + Free Pan Set
  • Bosch PIE631BB5E 59.2cm Induction Hob Kit - Black + Free Pan Set

Bosch PIE631BB5E 59.2cm Induction Hob

VAT included

The Bosch PIE631BB5E hob combines the superior power of induction technology with a sleek frameless design, to make cooking fun and simple.

This induction hob also comes with a free pan set - Bosch HEZ9SE030. Consisting of two pots and one pan, you?ll be able to get cooking those family favourites straight away.

Installation & Disposal: No Installation or Disposal

Induction Technology

The PIE631BB5E has a black ceramic glass surface which is ideal for induction technology. This type of technology is more energy-efficient than gas, as it heats the base of the pan directly. The concentrated heat also makes cooking quicker, as no heat is lost to the surrounding air.

With four hob zones to cook on, you?re free to prepare multiple foods at once. The zones range in power from 1.4 kW to 2.2 kW and has 17 power levels to choose from, so tailoring the heat to suit what you?re cooking is a breeze. The zones come in multiple sizes so that you can choose the correct size for your pan.

This model also comes with PowerBoost. This practical feature adds a boost of power for ultra-quick heating ? ideal for boiling a pan of water for pasta up to 35% faster compared to the highest power level. Plus, if you turn off the hob, it will save the last setting used for a short time, making cooking quick and simple for busy households.

Bosch Design

The sleek design of the PIE631BB5E will give a contemporary feel to any home. A front touch control panel features easy-to-use touch buttons, so you can accurately select the right power level for each zone. A convenient ReStart function will restore the last power settings if the hob turns off and the QuickStart feature ensures the zones heat up quickly.

As well as being stylish, this Bosch hob has a number of helpful safety modes. A 2-stage residual heat indicator will warn you if the zones are still too hot to touch, while an automatic safety shut-off will turn off the hob if not used after a set time. To prevent small children from altering the settings, a control panel lock is also included.

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