Why You Should Consider A New Washing Machine
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Why You Should Consider A New Washing Machine

If your washing machine is more than five years old, it is definitely time to think about an upgrade. Washing machine technology has massively improved recently – so there’s even more to think about before you buy a new washing machine.

Why You Should Consider A New Washing Machine

Here’s some of the latest washing machine technology worth looking out for.

What is the latest technology in washing machines?

Washing machines continually develop. Brands experiment with everything from different drum motions to apps that constantly monitor the washing machine for problems. There are some new technologies on the market that are real game changers.

Pre-mix machines

If you have an old washing machine, you  may find some of your clothes come out smelling of detergent. This is because the detergent has not mixed in the drum properly.

Some newer washing machines mix the detergent with water and softener before it enters the drum. By pre-mixing, it creates a more concentrated wash solution which gets to work straight away.

Auto dose washing machines

If you find yourself guessing every time you put in a load, you could be using more energy than you need or even damaging your clothes. Inverter motors use a sensor to determine how much energy is needed to get the clothes clean. As they have fewer moving parts, they are more efficient too.

Better drum design

Fabrics can snag on the holes in the drum of your washing machine. Designers have tackled this problem by looking at the inside of the drum and developing smoother drums with much smaller drainage holes, so the chances of snagging are significantly reduced.

Fuzzy logic

Fuzzy logic may sound like it applies to academic knitwear, but it’s actually a type of artificial intelligence. It is a sensing mechanism that weighs and scans washing, works out how dirty it is and therefore how much water, energy and detergent will be required.

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