Cordless Vacuums Guide
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Cordless Vacuums Guide

Looking for a new vacuum cleaner? Why not cut the cord and choose a cordless cleaner?

Cordless Vacuums Guide

Here are some pros and cons of cordless vacuums.

How does a cordless vacuum cleaner work?

A cordless vacuum cleaner works on battery power, so it doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall socket whilst in use. It has a rechargeable battery (which is usually fitted in the handle) that powers the motor.

When you turn the machine on, the motor rotates the brush roll and creates suction. This pulls the dirt and dust into the cleaner’s dustbin.

Pros and cons of cordless vacuum cleaners

Cordless vacuums have some benefits to take the stress out of home cleaning:

• * Hassle-free. Cordless is more convenient. No tangles to slow you down and no unplugging and plugging every time you change room.

• * Lightweight. Lugging a heavy vacuum around is not fun. If you’ve got lots of stairs, you’ll really notice the difference.

• * Super-portable. Get into all the nooks and crannies that were once unreachable: ceiling corners and deep beneath the sofa. You can even take a cordless vacuum out to clean the car.

• * Quick and easy. Spotted crumbs on the couch? Switch on the cordless and get rid of them, fast.

What about the cons?

• * Suction power. Until very recently the suction power of a traditional vacuum would beat a cordless-cleaner hands down. That’s not the case now: most good cordless vacuum cleaners have suction power to match the mightiest of plug-ins.

• * Battery life. This is another area that’s improving all the time, with lots of cordless cleaners now lasting up to an hour on a single charge. Plus, some cordless cleaners have interchangeable batteries, so you can just swap it out and carry on cleaning.

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