How To Save Money When Doing Your Laundry
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How To Save Money When Doing Your Laundry

Doing the laundry is a chore, but doesn't need to cost lots of money. All those school uniforms, work gear and piles of towels mean your washing machine accounts for about 7% of your annual energy bill.

How to save money when doing your laundry

Here are some simple ways you can save money while being more eco-friendly when doing your laundry.

Keep it short and sweet

You don’t always need to run a long cycle. Choose a shorter programme when washing items that are lightly soiled.

Go down to 30°C

Washing at 30°C uses 40% less energy than higher temperatures. It will work fine for lightly soiled loads. Only use temperatures above 40°C for towels, bedding and underwear.

Wait for a full load

Two half-loads will use more energy than one full load, so don’t waste water and energy.

Pre-soak really dirty clothing

Having to wash again because stains didn't come out is annoying and expensive so pre-soak really dirty clothing.

How to save energy when using your tumble dryer

Here are some good habits for drying:

Don't start with really wet washing

If you can remove most of the water from your washing before drying, it'll take less time. A good way to do this is a higher spin speed on your washing machine.

Keep the filters clear

If your dryer filters are clogged with lint, the motor will use more power to get clothes dry.

Dry similar fabrics together

Thick jumpers take longer to dry than cotton t-shirts. Dry similar materials together to minimise costs.

Make every cycle worthwhile

Too few items in your dryer and you use energy just to dry a couple of things. On the flip side, overloaded tumble dryers may take ages to get your clothes dry.

Do your drying in one session

If you have multiple loads, do them one after the other. Your tumble dryer’s residual heat can be put to good use that way.

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