How To Descale A Kettle
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How To Descale A Kettle

Brits drink 100 million cups per day. Putting on the kettle is a national ritual. Nothing ruins a cuppa like a kettle that’s clogged with limescale – it ruins the flavour of your brew and makes your kettle less efficient.

How to descale a kettle

Limescale (calcium carbonate) is a milky residue left behind after water has boiled. It’s difficult to remove. Calcium carbonate can be dissolved with a mild acid. As well as off-the-shelf cleaners there are acids you’ll find in the kitchen: e.g. lemon juice or vinegar.

How to descale a kettle: step by step guide

How to dissolve limescale with a cleaning product

1. Dilute the cleaner with water (as per the instructions) and pour it into your kettle.

2. Boil the kettle.

3. Leave an hour to allow the product to work on the limescale.

4. Rinse it out and treat yourself to a cuppa!

What about vinegar?

Vinegar is actually pretty effective at cleaning kettles. Follow these steps:

1. Fill your kettle to three-quarters full with equal parts water and white vinegar.

2. Boil it and leave it to cool.

3. Pour out the contents of the kettle and rinse it thoroughly.

4. Boil again (just with water) and tip it out to remove any residue.

If you don’t have white vinegar, you can try it with lemon juice or a few spoons of baking soda.

How to prevent limescale in your kettle

Prevention is better than the cure: here is how to stop the build-up of limescale.

1. Descale your kettle every month.

2. Buy a water filter to treat hard water.

3. Use a descaler ball: you pop it in your kettle and it stops the build-up of limescale.

4. Get a kettle with a limescale filter.

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