Oven Features

Oven Features

It is a great feeling when you find the perfect cooker. Whether you love the charm of a range cooker or sophisticated stainless steel, cookers add personality to your kitchen. A cooker must perform well too, whether to make Sunday roasts or Christmas dinner. So, how do you decide between the models on offer? Read our guides to find out.

Oven Features

Cookers come with different types of ovens. Each has different features and modes, but most have multifunctional capabilities.

  •          A ventilated (fan) oven is a great option if you want your food cooked evenly. The fan moves the air all around the oven to create even heat distribution and keep a consistent temperature within.
  •          Large capacity ovens will let you to fit in more food, whether it’s a full roast dinner or multiple trays. The extra size improves air circulation too.
  •          Multiple cooking shelves mean you can cook more things simultaneously, so you can start baking the dessert while the main course finishes off. Storage drawers are another handy feature if you don’t have a lot of kitchen space as you can store some of your larger pots and pans more easily.
  •          Many cooker ovens have several programmes, like top heat, bottom heat, fan or grill.
  •          Some models may even have fast heat-up or self-cleaning modes.
  •          Look out for a model that has a steam cooking function if you want to use healthier cooking methods. This will also produce more succulent, more flavoured food.
  •          Warming programmes will keep your food at an even temperature until you’re ready to serve it, without it drying it out or crusting over.
  •          A plate warming setting allows you to gently warm your dishes before serving dinner.
  •          Defrost is a great time-saving feature, as the oven will thaw out your frozen food in a shorter time.
  •          Finally, some ovens have set programmes that ensure your food is cooked exactly based on size and weight.

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