Types Of Washer Dryer
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Types Of Washer Dryer

There are several different types of washer dryer available – integrated and freestanding models and many different colours and styles.

Types Of Washer Dryer

If you are not sure which kind of washer dryer to choose, here is our guide.


Freestanding washer dryers are popular, as they can fit into any suitable space in the kitchen or utility room. They are practical and flexible. They stand separate from your kitchen units as a visible feature of the room. They come in a wide variety of drum sizes and in many colours. Freestanding washer dryers are easy to install, and you can take them with you if you move home.

Built-In / Integrated

Built-in (or integrated) models are great if you have a fitted kitchen and want a streamlined look. A kitchen cupboard door attaches to the front, blending in with your units. If you have previously had an integrated washer dryer, it’s best to replace it with the same the. As they’re designed to go into kitchen units, built-in washer dryers are quieter than most freestanding ones. However, they are more challenging to install, so you may need to have someone do that for you.

Cold Fill Only

Like washing machines, washer-dryers are now nearly all cold fill only. This means that they are fed with cold water and heat it, rather than using the hot water from your boiler. They are more efficient than older hot fill models. Plus, biological detergents work better when the wash starts with cold water as the enzymes need lower temperatures.

Colour Options

White goods are no longer always white, although it’s still the most popular choice you can now get washer dryers in silver, grey and black.

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