How Washer Dryer Capacities Are Measured?
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How Washer Dryer Capacities Are Measured?

Do you know how much you should fill up your washer dryer? Once you understand how washer dryer capacity is measured, it is a lot simpler than you might have thought.

How Washer Dryer Capacities Are Measured

The capacity of washer dryers is usually given as a weight expressed in kilogrammes, which represents the amount of dry clothing you can put in the drum. You should never completely fill the machine with clothing.  A wash cycle should be no more than 75% full, less for drying – this is because clothes dry better and creaseless if they have more room to move around. Washer dryers will have two different capacities – one is for washing and one is for drying. A larger drum often works out cheaper for water and electricity usage, as you need to do fewer washes. However, if you choose a machine with too great a capacity, you could waste money and energy if you continually underfill it

Washing Capacity

Washer dryer washing capacities start at 5 kg and go up to 12 kg. A 5 kg can wash about 25 t-shirts at once, a 10 kg one can manage 50 t-shirts in a load. For an average household, 6-8 kg of drum size is usually adequate and is flexible enough to handle bigger items, such as duvets. A larger drum size can work out cheaper for energy use, as you’ll need fewer washes.

Drying Capacity

Drying capacities are usually smaller than washing capacities, from 4 kg in a standard machine to 8 kg in a bigger one. Because of the difference between the washing and drying capacities, if you have washed a full load, you will need to remove some laundry before you dry it. Machines with the same washing capacity might have very different drying capacities, so check the specifications. Models with sensor drying will have a slightly smaller drying capacity

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