Cleaning Your Tumble Dryer
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Cleaning Your Tumble Dryer

Well, the new year is here, and it is time to give our appliances a little love. Everything needs a little maintenance, including your trusty tumble dryer.

Cleaning Your Tumble Dryer

Whether it is vented or a condenser model, your tumble dryer requires maintenance. This checklist should keep it in order.

Clean the lint filter

Clean it after every use! The filter let the airflow through the dryer. If airflow is restricted, your machine is inefficient and potentially a fire hazard.

Empty the water tank

If you have a condenser, then make sure to empty the water tank after every use too. (If it is plumbed in, you’ll never have to do this!)

Clean the heat exchanger

In a condenser tumble dryer, this turns steam from the drum back into water. Over time fibres can pass through and clog it up. Every month or so, take it out and run it under a tap, then pat it dry and return it.

Kinked hose?

If you have a vented tumble dryer, make sure your hose isn’t kinked. The hose takes warm, damp air away from the drum: if it is kinked it won’t work efficiently.

Check airflow

Again, for a vented model, make sure that any outside wall vents are clear from fluff. If the airflow is restricted, it affects energy efficiency.

​​​​​​​Check the Inside!

Now take a look inside. Over time, fluff can build up on the drum and eventually ruin clothes. Use a wet cloth to clean the inside of the drum and the humidity sensor. (If your tumble dryer has a drying sensor, you will find it beneath the door opening). Keeping the drying sensor clean makes drying more accurate.

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