Why Energy Efficiency Matters
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Why Energy Efficiency Matters

Energy efficiency is really important. Whether it is trying to keep our utility bills down or reducing the impact that we have on the planet, making a conscious choice about the appliances we use can make a positive difference. That is why most of the energy-consuming appliances in the shops have an energy label on them –so you can make an informed decision about which products you buy.

Why Energy Efficiency Matters

Reading the information on the energy label before you buy a new domestic appliance will give you an indication of how expensive the piece of technology will be to run.

An appliance that has a low energy rating will be less efficient than one that has a higher rating. So, if you choose a new domestic appliance that has a G rating rather than a device that has an A rating, you may well end up spending a lot more money on your electricity bills. Of course, it is not as good to the planet to run an inefficient domestic appliance, either!

Energy efficiency labels explained

Every household appliance has an EU energy label which provides information about the energy efficiency of that product. You can scan a QR code with a smartphone to get access to even more information about the appliance. ‘A’ (dark green coloured) rated products will use less energy and so help you to lower your energy bills and CO2 emissions. Finally, a series of pictograms at the bottom of the label provide you with more information about things like water usage, noise levels, storage capacity, etc. dependent on the appliance category.

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