Which Vacuum Cleaner Should I Buy?
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Which Vacuum Cleaner Should I Buy?

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner for your dusty corners, crumby carpets and mucky car seats? How do you decide which type to buy?

Which Vacuum Cleaner Should I Buy?

Whatever your cleaning goals, vacuum cleaners aren’t a one-size-fits-all thing. Different models are suited to different lifestyles, so when you’ve figured out a budget, you need to know the difference between the different types of vacuum cleaner: upright, cylinder and cordless.

Upright vacuum cleaners

Many of us have got vivid memories of the days when you had to lug a heavy upright vacuum cleaner upstairs. Luckily, these days they are a lot lighter! These more traditional vacuum cleaners can stand upright on their own. They have big dust collection bins and very powerful roller brush heads. They are usually mains powered – so they have more than enough oomph to really get the dirt out of tough carpets.

Cylinder vacuum Cleaners

A cylinder vacuum trundles behind you as you work. They are fitted with a super long hose that has a suction head at the end, so it easy to get it around your furniture and into any other hard-to-reach places such as the car or the couch.

Cordless vacuum Cleaners

Cordless vacuums are exactly what it says on the tin – they are vacuum cleaners that do not have a mains cord. These portable cordless vacuum cleaners are installed with batteries that need to be recharged from the mains, but once they have been juiced up, they can be taken anywhere until the charge runs out. Handheld vacuums are part of this category – they are ultra-portable so perfect for cleaning cars.

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