Energy Efficiency Matters
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Energy Efficiency Matters

We all would like to make sure we are doing our bit to keep our energy bills down, and that is also the best move when it comes to protection our environment. Read on to find out why energy efficiency matters.

Energy Efficiency Matters

There are a huge amount of little things that you can try if you want to save energy. For example, if you are going out, you can make sure all the lights are turned off and all your devices are taken off standby wherever possible. The fridge freezer and your home security system will always need to be on, of course, but your TV, sound system and even mobile phone and tablet chargers actually still use some energy even when they are not in use - so it's always a good idea to always check that they are turned off at the plug when not in use.

Quick Tip: many of the different models of washing machine and washer dryer will have an 'eco' mode setting that uses less energy and less water to clean your clothes, so it is worth looking out for it and using it for lightly soiled laundry.

Eco friendly = wallet friendly

Dishwashers, washer dryers and fridge freezers make up a large chunk of your household energy consumption, so consider machines that use less power. Greener tech with higher energy ratings can cost up to 50% less to run each year. Whilst an eco-efficient machine can cost a little bit more money when you first buy it, in the long run it will help the planet and save you more money on your electricity bills.

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