What is Eco Mode?
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What is Eco Mode?

We’re all a more environmentally conscious these days. That is why modern washing machines have an ‘eco mode’ setting.

What is Eco Mode?

Models vary, but here is a quick overview.

What is eco mode and how does it work?

Eco mode really is just what it says on the tin: A setting that lets you wash in a more ecologically friendly way, with less water use and less energy use.

Wash modes are a mix of three things: temperature, time and water. Eco mode means you are using less water and a lower temperature. The trade-off is that the wash will take longer to get the same degree of cleaning.

That is because heating the water takes up the most energy. In fact, some 90% of a washing machine’s energy consumption is from that proves alone. Spinning of the drum actually uses very little electrical power in comparison.

A longer wash will mean that the water doesn’t need to be so hot. So, you are saving energy, even if you are not saving time

Can eco mode save money?

Yes. Lower temperature washes use between 35-59% less energy than hot washes. Less energy = less electricity use.

Will eco mode work with tough stains?

Eco mode is great for average washes. But if you have some seriously dirty laundry, you may need to think again as lower temperatures may not be enough for really tough stains or larger-than-average loads.

If that’s the case, you are better off doing a regular wash. Two washes in eco mode takes more energy than a single hot wash. So have a think before heading for eco mode.

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