Reduce Your Cost of Living This Winter
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Reduce Your Cost of Living This Winter

With the challenges of the cost of living crisis, many of us are concerned about managing expenses and reducing energy use.

Reduce Your Cost of Living This Winter

Here are just a few small changes you can make in the home to reduce your bills.

Heat Pump Technology

If you are considering a new tumble dryer, choose a heat pump model. These may take longer to dry clothes, but the heat pump technology means they are more energy efficient.

Hot air absorbs the moisture from your clothes. The air passes through an evaporator, removing moisture before being re-heated and re-circulated into the drum.

Eco Programmes

Dishwashers and washing machine programmes are generally a combination of time, water, and temperature. Eco modes are different as they use less water and lower temperatures. They take a lot longer because heating water takes up the most energy – up to 90% in a washing machine. So, a longer cycle can be cooler, reducing energy consumption.

Induction Technology

Cooking on an induction hob is quicker and more energy efficient as heat is transferred directly to the pan. This means food is cooked quickly, without wasting heat, so induction hobs are a good choice for saving on bills.

Large Appliances

We know refrigeration appliances have to be left powered on all the time. Opening the doors too often lets cool air escape and warm air can enter, making it have to work a lot harder to get to the correct temperature. Reduce the times you open the doors to save on energy.

Standby Mode

Switching appliances off at the plug can save you more than you realise. For example, if you turn off the lights when you leave a room saves you an estimated £46 a year.

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