Induction Hob Buying Guide
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Induction Hob Buying Guide

Induction hobs rival gas hobs for popularity in UK kitchens, and for a good reason. They're quick to heat your food and they respond rapidly to temperature changes.

Induction Hob Buying Guide

If you are used to cooking with gas or electric hobs, and are considering switching, the following may help you decide:

Do you fry food often?

For top results when frying, a burner should be at a consistent temperature all the way across. Many gas hobs do this better than induction hobs.

Do you often keep food on a gentle simmer?

Most induction hobs are great at simmering. You can turn them down to 'barely on' if you need very low temperatures.

Do you like the responsiveness of a gas hob?

A visible flame makes a gas hob easier to use, but induction hobs can be just as responsive. Cooking on gas is slower and inefficient compared to induction.

Do you prefer dials or touch controls?

Most induction hobs have touch controls, but some models still have buttons, knobs and dials. Touch controls can be fiddly, and unresponsive when wet.

Is energy efficiency important to you?

Whether you've got the hob on full power for a few minutes or need to simmer gently for ages, an induction hob will use energy more efficiently than gas and electric ceramic hobs.

Do you have a pacemaker?

When an induction hob is turned on, it generates an electromagnetic field that interferes with pacemaker settings. The British Heart Foundation recommend that those with pacemakers stay at least 2ft away from induction hobs. If this affects anyone in your family, it makes sense to go for a standard model.

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