How Induction Hobs Work
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How Induction Hobs Work

Induction hobs rival gas hobs for popularity in the UK now, and for good reason. They heat food quickly and rapidly respond when you turn them up or down.  Induction and traditional electric hobs use the same energy, and look similar, but they work differently.

How Induction Hobs Work

Induction hobs generate the heat within the pan itself – so no heat is produced unless a pan is on the hob. Electric hobs pass a current through elements under the surface, so the surface itself heats up.

When you turn an induction hob on, electricity passes through coils under the glass surface. This creates a magnetic field. When a pan made of magnetic material is placed on the surface, a current is induced in the pan’s base. This is converted into heat, which transfers to the contents.

Induction hobs are a lot more efficient than gas or electric ceramic hobs because all the heat goes into the pan, with none lost to the air. Remove the pan, and no heat is produced.

The surface of an induction hob still gets hot, because the pan transfers some heat back to it.

Best induction hob features to consider

  •          Bridging zones - These are large, joined-up cooking zones that let you use bigger pots or rectangular dishes.
  •          Gas and induction in one - It's possible to buy hobs that have gas burners alongside induction zones.
  •          Integrated extractor – This is a 2-in-1 appliance that removes with the need for a cooker hood. It combines cooking zones with an extractor.
  •          Induction wok zone - Some induction hobs have an indentation that a round bottomed wok can sit inside.
  •          Automatic switch-off - If the water boils over, your hob senses the spillage and automatically turns itself off.

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