Benefits of a Tumble Dryer Heat Pump
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Benefits of a Tumble Dryer Heat Pump

Have you thought about the benefits of a heat pump tumble dryer? Learn about how heat pump technology works and how it takes the stress out of laundry.

Benefits of a Tumble Dryer Heat Pump

Here are some benefits of a heat pump:

It is better for your health & general hygiene of your home

Leaving laundry to dry indoors is inconvenient and time-consuming – especially in large households. Raiding the moisture levels in the air can even lead to dust-mite growth.

You’re not relying on the weather

You can’t predict the UK weather, especially in winter, which is why tumble dryers are a reliable choice.

It’s quicker (ideal for larger households)

When you need to dry a large load in a minimal time, heat pump tumble dryers dry your clothes much faster than they would hanging up.

Convenient if you don’t have a garden

For those living in small apartments without outside space, drying laundry can be tricky – unless you hang your clothes on every radiator, rail and door!

It needn’t cost the earth

A tumble dryer fitted with Heat Pump Technology can save on energy costs. When you replace a C-rated tumble dryer, you get every other year’s energy effectively free.

What is a heat pump dryer?

Conventional tumble dryers release the hot air they use to dry to clothes whereas heat pump technology reuses it.

Why is heat pump technology a good idea

Heat pump tumble dryers are better for the environment, and they are cheaper to run, using about 50% of the energy of conventional C-rated models.

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