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Shop Hobs Ormskirk Area

Whether you prefer to use gas or electricity to cook, and whether you have a freestanding or a built-in oven, we have the perfect Ormskirk hob to match up with it and suit your needs. Our range of Ormskirk hobs are all modern, durable, reliable and safe.

Shop Hobs Ormskirk Area

Electric Hobs Ormskirk

In the modern world, more and more people are choosing to cook using electricity. An electric hob Ormskirk is perfect for a safety conscious family with small children. Electric hobs Ormskirk don’t need pan supports, so your pots and pans are placed directly onto the hob. As they lay flat, the risk of a pan toppling over is significantly reduced. It also allows you to easily slide pans between elements.

As electric hobs Ormskirk don’t have open flames, they are safer in use; as the risk of sleeves or tea towels catching light accidently is significantly reduced.

Gas Hobs Ormskirk

Cooking with gas is still one of the most popular methods of preparing food. A traditional gas hob Ormskirk is lit by a flame, so the food starts to cook immediately without a warm up time. Most gas hobs now have automatic ignitions, so they are safer to light and you don’t need to keep a firelighter or a stock of matches in your kitchen drawer. The pan supports on gas hobs Ormskirk are durable and leave plenty of space between burners.

Built In Hobs Ormskirk

Built-in kitchens are very popular nowadays as they leave no space wasted. We have a range of built-in hobs Ormskirk that fit into any kitchen. Whether you prefer to use gas or electricity to cook, we have the perfect Ormskirk hob for your needs.

S&D Ireland for a New Ormskirk Hob

Choose S&D Ireland Ormskirk cooking specialist for your new Ormskirk hobs, Ormskirk cookersOrmskirk ovens or Ormskirk microwaves and benefit from free local delivery, our expert installation service, disposal of your old appliance and unparalleled after sales care. Drop by our Ormskirk hob showroom or call us today on 01695 768738.



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