Shop American Style Fridge Freezers Ormskirk Area
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Shop American Style Fridge Freezers Ormskirk Area

Side-by-side fridge freezers are popular in the United States – hence the name “American Style Fridge Freezers”. They have more space for your food and a real “wow” factor. Our range of Ormskirk American style fridge freezers includes several models from the Ormskirk refrigeration biggest brands with some brilliant features.

Shop American Style Fridge Freezers Ormskirk Area

Style and Space

Ormskirk American style fridge freezers look great. We have a range of colours and styles to choose from, so your side-by-side Ormskirk fridge freezer can be set as the centrepiece of the kitchen.

As the doors of an Ormskirk American style fridge freezers are typically narrower, they are great option for houses that have awkwardly shaped rooms. You can fully open the fridge door without blocking off the kitchen.

Narrower doors don’t mean the appliances are smaller: side by side Ormskirk fridge freezers have more storage space than a traditional appliance, so you can safely stock up on special offers.

Convenient Design

All our side-by-side Ormskirk fridge freezers have plenty of shelves, so you can arrange your chilled and frozen items exactly how you want. Many have additional storage areas, like bottle racks.

A downside of traditional top-and-bottom Ormskirk fridge freezers is that you have to stretch or bend over to reach the freezer. With a side-by-side model, your most used items can be kept at a comfortable height.

Water, Ice and Frost

A lot of Ormskirk American style fridge freezers have built-in water or ice dispensers. Avoid a queue at the sink and get freshly filtered water at the press of a button.

Look out for Ormskirk fridge freezers with frost free or auto-defrost technology, to take the hassle out of keeping them ice-free.

S&D Ireland for a New Ormskirk American Style Fridge Freezer

Choose S&D Ireland for your new Ormskirk American fridge freezers, Ormskirk fridge freezers, Ormskirk refrigeratorsOrmskirk freezers or Ormskirk chest freezers and benefit from free local delivery, our expert installation service, disposal of your old appliance and unparalleled after sales care. Drop by our Ormskirk American fridge freezer showroom or call us today on 01695 768738.



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