Shop Washer Dryers Ormskirk Area
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Shop Washer Dryers Ormskirk Area

It’s well known that the kitchen is the place that people always end up at parties, so it’s important to maximise your kitchen space in any way that you can. Appliances such as Ormskirk washing machines and Ormskirk tumble dryers take up a lot of space and few of us are lucky enough to have a separate utility room that keeps laundry separate.  You may find it’s a good idea to buy a combined Ormskirk washer dryer, so you have more space for a mini bar or a table and chairs in the kitchen.

Shop Washer Dryers Ormskirk Area

Ormskirk Washer dryers are great if you have a busy lifestyle as you can set the machine to both wash and dry a load in one cycle. You can wake up or return from work to fresh, dry clothing that is ready to wear or be in the wardrobe.

Loading and unloading laundry appliances can be a time-consuming task, particularly when you have a big family. Avoid back problems with a combi machine that does some of the hard work. Having fewer appliances is also an advantage if you often move home.

Ormskirk Washer Dryer Features

We only stock the best brands, so you can be sure you’re getting a top-notch Ormskirk washer dryer. Many of our models have “A” or better energy ratings and green technology, so you can wash and dry your clothes, blankets, and bedding without worrying about the electricity bill. 

When choosing an Ormskirk washer dryer make sure to check out the load capacity: The average family needs about a 6kg capacity, and those who often wash bulky or heavy items should seek out an 8kg capacity or above.

Combined appliances have most of the same features as separate Ormskirk laundry appliances, so you can benefit from eco cycles, variable temperature controls, LED displays, a quick wash, fast spin cycles and high performance, whatever machine you choose.

S&D Ireland for a New Ormskirk Washer Dryer

Choose S&D Ireland for your new Ormskirk washer dryerOrmskirk washing machine or Ormskirk tumble dryer and benefit from free local delivery, our expert installation service, disposal of your old appliance and unparalleled after sales care. Drop by our Ormskirk washer dryer showroom or call us today on 01695 768738.


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