Shop Fridge Freezers Ormskirk Area
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Shop Fridge Freezers Ormskirk Area

Our range of Ormskirk Fridge Freezers have the same great features as separate fridges and freezers but allow you to save on kitchen floor space. A combined Ormskirk Fridge Freezer usually has the freezing compartment at the bottom, with the refrigerator conveniently placed on top, so you don’t have to bend down to grab the milk for your tea or butter for your morning slice of toast.

Shop Fridge Freezers Ormskirk Area

Slimline models look compact and stylish in your kitchen but can still hold sufficient food for a hungry family. Fridges have shelves and door compartments that keep meat, dairy, bottles and packets separate from each other. Salad crispers are specially designed to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for longer, and egg trays keep them safe from messy accidents.

Freezers have drawers that are transparent to make choosing your dinner easier. Reversible doors and adjustable feet allow you to set up the model to suit your kitchen layout.

Ormskirk Fridge Freezer Features

Our Ormskirk Fridge Freezers are manufactured by the best brand names in the industry, and each model has a number of great features, offering exceptional for money.

* Fast freeze compartments can freeze fresh food quicker, so your frozen goods retain their flavour and texture better.

* Frost-free freezers mean you won’t have to worry about defrosting them by hand. This gives you more space in each drawer, as the circulation of air prevents ice from forming.

* If the model has separate thermostats for the fridge and freezer, you can switch off just the fridge but keep the freezer on – to cut costs if you go away for an extended period.

* A bottle rack is perfect for keeping wine and fizzy drinks tidy in the fridge.

* An ice tray is great for ensuring you’ve always got ice cubes in the freezer for cold drinks. They can also be used for freezing fresh fruit such as strawberries or raspberries.

S&D Ireland for a New Ormskirk Fridge Freezer

Choose S&D Ireland for your new Ormskirk Fridge Freezer, Ormskirk American Style Fridge Freezer, Ormskirk RefrigeratorsOrmskirk Freezers or Ormskirk Chest Freezers and benefit from free local delivery, our expert installation service, disposal of your old appliance and unparalleled after sales care. Drop by our Ormskirk Refrigeration and Ormskirk Fridge Freezer showroom for more help and advice or call us today on 01695 768738.


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