Which Washing Machine Settings Should I Use?
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Which Washing Machine Settings Should I Use?

Keep your clothes looking great and take a load off with our handy guide to washing machine settings.

Which Washing Machine Settings Should I Use? 

Which program should you use? Here are the key ones: 


This is a hotter, aggressive cycle –cottons need this to get clean - especially bed sheets, which should be washed at 60°.


For clothes made from man-made fabrics they be washed at a cooler temperature than – 40°C or below - and spun less frequently.


This is the machine equivalent of handwashing. If your washing machine has no wool setting, you can usually use delicates on 30 °C or below.


This isn’t just for removing mud – though it’s useful for that. Sportswear gets its own cycle as lot of sports clothes are made of microfibres that need special treatment.

Quick wash

We know, many of us use this setting for everything – who wants to wait? But use caution. It’s only for a very small amount of very lightly soiled clothes – a single outfit.

Easy iron

This program creates fewer creases than normal cycle by using a lower spin speed.

What temperature should I use?

There’s a right time for using every temperature.

Cold wash (30°C or less)

If your clothes are lightly soiled (i.e. they don’t appear too dirty), this is a good to setting to use. It saves you energy (and therefore money). Sometimes, you'll see an eco mode which is a cooler but longer wash.

Warm wash (40°C)

This is the best temperature for underwear or sports clothes after a workout.

Hot wash (60°C or more)

If you have really tough stains or are washing bed sheet – this is the setting to choose.

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