Washing Labels Guide
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Washing Labels Guide

Have you ever wondered what all those different symbols on clothes labels actually mean?

Washing Labels Guide

Have you ever ignored a washing label in your clothes and turned your white clothes pink, shrunk your best jumper or melted a blouse because the iron was set too hot? Avoid these laundry disasters and more with our guide to the most common washing label symbols. Follow this guide on your laundry day and it will keep your clothes looking at their best for a lot longer. 

Washing symbols

Do not just throw everything into the washing machine together, first it's best to go through all your laundry and sort garments by their washing instruction symbols - grouping the similar garments together. For example, your synthetics should go together as should everything with a hand washing only symbol. To make sure that you know what these washing symbols mean, you can refer to our washing instruction labels guide.

Tumble drying symbols

If you do not want your clothes to shrink then you have to be careful which of them you put into your tumble dryer. The main thing that you have to think about is the temperature each fabric type can manage. Generally speaking, the gentler fibres need to be dried at a lower temperature or left out of your tumble dryer altogether. Look for a square with the circle in the middle on the label. This is the symbol for a tumble dryer. The number of dots that are in the middle tell you what temperature you can safely dry the garment at – simple when you know how! If unsure, it is best to air dry only! 

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