Give Your Home a Deep Clean
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Give Your Home a Deep Clean

A deep clean is a great idea for hygiene – when your home’s clean, it makes it a much more pleasant space to spend time in.

Give Your Home a Deep Clean

Here are a few of our deep cleaning suggestions…

Go from the top to the bottom

Start by dusting the things that are higher up. A cordless vacuum cleaner can get right into the corners of the ceiling. Now gradually work your way down. Start with the tops of cabinets. Clean the fan blades. Clean the curtains or blinds. Wipe down any cabinets and cupboard fronts. Then finish at the bottom by dusting the skirting boards. Any dirt that’s left should have now made it to the floor ready for vacuuming. 

Clean all your appliances

Now is time to clean your appliances. This keeps them hygienic and should help them last longer. Clear out the crumbs from your toaster, descale the kettle, wipe down the microwave and change your water  jug filter. 

While you are in the kitchen, give all the dishes a goof clean. Not just dirty ones in the sink - empty out every cupboard, and wash every plate, pot, pan and item of cutlery. 

Wash anything that you touch

It is important to keep anything that you regularly touch clean. This includes your door and cabinet handles and also devices like tablets or phones.  Don’t use general household cleaners on these devices – buy the appropriate products. 

Clean your mattresses

You change your bed sheets regularly, but when did you last properly clean your mattresses? Give them a vacuum, then wipe them down, and finish off with a disinfectant spray. 

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