Is it Time To Replace your Washing Machine?
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Is it Time To Replace your Washing Machine?

A washing machine is more than just a kitchen appliance. You depend on it to take care of your family’s laundry. But after years of use, the washing machine eventually shows its age.

Is it Time To Replace your Washing Machine?

Read our guide and see if it’s time for a new washing machine.  

1. It's no longer kind to your clothes... or the environment

If you have an older washing machine, chances are that it's doing neither. Modern machines work well on cooler settings, so save you money on bills and protect the environment. 

2. The drum doesn’t spin at the end of a cycle

When you take out your clothes from the washing machine they should be wet - but not soaking. The last fast spin can sometimes stop, leaving you with a machine full of heavy clothes drenched in water. 

3. The machine works but the water hasn’t drained

Nothing is more frustrating than finishing a wash to find the water hasn’t drained away. If the drum is full and the machine still works it might be a problem with the filter, which stops coins and other things from blocking the machine. 

4. It’s noisier than it should

It’s hard to relax with a noisy washing machine in the kitchen. The faster the drum spins, the louder and more unbalanced the machine is. The noise is louder when items are caught in the drum, or if you are washing an unbalanced load. The other option is that there is a problem with its bearings. 

5. It’s no longer big enough

If you bought your washing machine before you had children and your family has now grown there’s maybe not enough room for all your laundry any more. 

6. It’s older than your smartphone

New smartphones come out every year, packed with technology. Washing machines evolve and improve too, and now have amazing features. 

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