How To Choose the Perfect Dishwasher

How To Choose the Perfect Dishwasher

Did you know that you can use up to 122 litres of water washing dishes by hand? An energy-efficient dishwasher on the other hand could use as few as six litres of water per wash.

How To Choose the Perfect Dishwasher

Before shopping, consider:

  • *         Space: Full-sized dishwashers are about 60cm wide, slimline ones are around 45cm wide and compact dishwashers can replace a drawer or sit on a kitchen countertop.
  • *         Freestanding and integrated: There are many options if you want a freestanding model, but if you're pitting your dishwasher inside a kitchen cabinet, integrated is what you need.
  • *         Capacity: Bigger may usually be better, but work out how much you need to wash - you shouldn't run your dishwasher till it is full.
  • *         Budget: A higher end model might cost more, but they're usually much more energy-efficient - so save money in the longer run. 

Do I need to upgrade my dishwasher?

If you are finding that your current dishwasher is unable to cope with those crusty pasta bakes and day-old porridge encrusted breakfast bowls, then it may well be time to upgrade it. Dishwasher technology has come on a long way over recent years, so you may well be missing out on a load of fantastic features that can make your dish washing life easier -  such as a quick wash function or the ability to control your dishwasher from your smartphone. 

Dishwasher loading tips

  • *         Put mugs and glasses on top, and plates underneath.
  • *         Don’t spoons nestle. Use the cutlery basket if you have one.
  • *         Anything that might collect water goes upside down – that is bowls, cups, pans and ladles.
  • *         Put plastic on the heating element is usually at the bottom.
  • *         Don't let glasses touch – they can crack.

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