Vacuum Cleaner Tools Guide
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Vacuum Cleaner Tools Guide

Whether you choose a cordless or corded vacuum cleaner, chances are that it will arrive with at least one special attachment. And so long as you know what it’s for, it will not be left to gather dust!

Vacuum Cleaner Tools Guide

There is an attachment for almost every cleaning job you can imagine. Some help you get better results cleaning different types of floor or areas that are hard to reach, while others let you you’re your curtains and cushions a clean. 

Motorised tool

Also called a ‘turbo tool’, this attachment is great for stubborn dirt on rugs and carpets. It focuses the suction power on a small area, making it easier to remove pet hair. This is also the tool you need for cleaning the car. The tool fits neatly under the seats and in the footwells!    

Crevice tool

The crevice tool is designed for those spaces that are impossible to trach with a full-size vacuum cleaner head. Skirting boards, corners of ceilings, the sides of the sofa... It is easily recognisable by its narrow nozzle, and this tool is a cobweb’s worst enemy. You can even use it to clean behind appliances like the TV or fridge, without having to drag them out. 

Soft dusting brush

Many vacuum cleaners come with a soft dusting brush. This is what you want to attach when it’s time to dust photo frames, blinds, lampshades TV stands, and other objects that need a light touch. 

These are the three most common vacuum cleaner attachments. So, now you are clear on when and where they are intended to be used, you are all set to achieve a next-level clean. 

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