Laundry Myths Busted
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Laundry Myths Busted

When it comes to doing the laundry everybody has their own take on what you must and must not do.

Laundry Myths Busted

Some new washing machines and tumble dryers use technology to make some old advice outdated. Let’s look at some laundry myths and see if there’s a solution.

Myth: The more detergent you use, the cleaner your clothes get

Fact: Detergent takes time to dissolve and so using too much just makes it harder to wash it out. Many washing machines now pre-mix detergent and softener before it enters the drum. The detergent gets fully dissolved, and the mix gets to work immediately.

Myth: Never put wool or silk items in your tumble dryer

Fact: You can now tumble dry woollens and silks with some tumble dryers: newer dryers have special cycles for delicates such as wool and silk.

Myth: You can’t get clothes properly clean at 30º

Fact: Modern washing machines work wonderfully at low temperatures. They can even remove harsh minerals from the water so the detergent is activated at 30 degrees. The result is the benefits of a 60º wash at 30º. This is great for the environment and energy bills.

Myth: Sunday evenings are for ironing

Fact: Some modern washing machines can add steam to the drum at the end of the washing cycle. This reduces up to a third of wrinkles, so you spend less of your Sunday ironing and more time

Myth: Woollens and silk cannot be machine washed

Fact: Handwashing actually stresses the fibres – and the best washing machines can be more gentle than hand washing. They have smooth drum surfaces and slower rotations, so you can wash your silks, linens and wool items without them snagging or stretching.

Myth: You can’t put waterproof jackets in the dryer

Fact: You can restore the waterproof protection with some dryers. By using just the right amount of heat they can take care of outdoor coats without ruining them. Look for a washing machine that has a Synthetic program.

Myth: Washing smaller loads wastes time, energy and water

Fact: The sensors in new washer-dryers can tailor the cycle according to the weight of laundry in the drum. So, each load uses just the right amount of energy.

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