Laundry Hacks To Save Time and Money

Laundry Hacks To Save Time and Money

Laundry can feel more complicated than it needs to be. But by improving your tech and being savvier you can cut out a lot of the complications.

Laundry Hacks To Save Time and Money

Here are our top laundry hacks: 

Choose a washing machine with a faster spin

Most washing machines spin between 1,000 and 1,600 revolutions per minute. The faster your washing machine spins, the drier your washing is at the end of the cycle. 

Wash more, with less

Most people do three to four washes a week – lights, brights, darks and whites. Make sure to choose a washing machine with a high energy rating and an Eco cycle. By using an energy-efficient machine’s Eco cycle, you could save 60% on your energy costs. 

Choose a drum size that suits you

Washing machines typically have capacities between 5–13kg. You do not necessarily need the biggest one: The more unused space, the more energy is wasted on each wash. 

Don’t tumble dry everything

When you have a washer-dryer, it’s tempting to always use the wash and dry cycle. This may harm the longevity of your clothes. The combination of high heat and fast spins can warp and shrink fibres. 

Try a natural fabric softener

Fabric softeners can contain chemicals that produce allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin, try adding vinegar to the wash – it’s non-toxic and will leave clothes feeling soft and fluffy. 

Keep clothes fluffy with tennis balls?

Some people swear that putting a couple of tennis balls in the dryer helps to fluff up bedsheets and towels. 

Stick smelly clothes in the freezer

If all detergent won’t take the stench out of your clothes, try this: put the clothes in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer overnight to kill the smelly bacteria. Stick them in the wash the next day with some detergent to add the fragrance back. 

Remove sweat stains with lemon juice

Simply dab lemon juice and baking soda on sweat stains before washing to break them down. 

Line dry anything you want to iron

You may be tempted to tumble dry shirts, blouses and trousers, but this will probably make them harder to iron. Save time by line-drying pure cotton items. 

Sick of streaks? Wash inside-out

Try turning clothes inside out before you wash them so any rubbing happens to the inside. 

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