Fridge Organisation Ideas
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Fridge Organisation Ideas

It's great to see a well-organised, colour-coordinated refrigerator. An organised fridge saves you time and money. If you know what's inside, grocery shopping and meal-making both become more efficient, with reduced food waste.

Fridge Organisation Ideas

We recommend prioritising the foods that you use most often. From there on, categorise the items into groups and put them in clear containers for a uniform look. Then the rest is up to you: you can choose a multitude of different storage solutions that can combat rolling cola cans, avoid overloaded snack drawers, and manage your stash of wine. 

When putting items on the shelves, think about what makes the most sense for you — and also for the food. Most people keep their milk in the door but it may be better on the back of the bottom shelf where it's colder. If you store eggs in the fridge, keep them in their cartons and use the middle or top shelf where the temperature is more consistent. Save the fridge door for butter, soft cheese, condiment and fruit juices. 

If you have one or more children, stick their healthy snacks at their eye level so they can get them without making a mess. Keep a special container for each kid or put all the snacks in one place for them to pick from. 

When you buy new food — say a fresh tub of margarine, for example — rotate the older item to the front so it is used before its expiration date. Keep an eye on leftovers: Throw out fish after one or two days, meat after two or three days, and vegetables after five to seven days.

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