Euronics Sponsors Womens UEFA
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Euronics Sponsors Womens UEFA

Domestic appliance specialist Euronics has signed a four-year sponsorship deal to become one of the official partners of UEFA Women’s Football.

Euronics Sponsors Womens UEFA

How Euronics works with their retailers has a lot in common with the values of women’s football. For Euronics, it’s all about being a part of a winning team at both local and national levels. Euronics Agents like S&D Ireland are a major part of their community, providing exceptional levels of customer service and after sales support. That’s why Euronics likes to build partnerships at a grassroots level, encourages participation, and helps girl’s and women’s teams to achieve their goals. ​Women’s football is one of the fastest growing sports at the moment and it is enjoyed by the whole the family – whether it’s international matches, leagues or cup games. 

Euronics wants to play their part in encouraging and empowering girls and women to get involved in football. They believe that women’s football is not just a great way to promote the health and wellbeing of women of all ages, but also a way to build their confidence and boost their self-image, as well as being a showcase of equality and a driver for positive social change.​ 

Women’s football continues to gain in popularity and is about to get a huge boost in the Summer of 2022 when England hosts the UEFA Women’s EURO tournament. The home nation England, along with Northern Ireland and 14 other teams from across Europe will participate in the prestigious competition. 

Euronics proudly invites everyone to join them on an exciting journey of experiencing, enjoying and taking part in women's football. 

Keep your eyes peeled as we announce match dates, competitions, and much more!

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