How To Load a Dishwasher
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How To Load a Dishwasher

Everyone has their own way of loading a dishwasher, but is there a right or wrong way to stack the pots and pans in this ubiquitous appliance?

How To Load a Dishwasher

For such a simple task, it causes all sorts of family feuds and can even lead to secret re-stacking sessions after the family has gone to bed.

Check for Dishwasher-Safe Items

Although you can clean most of your dinnerware in a dishwasher, some items should only ever be washed by hand – otherwise, you could damage them, or even your machine. This includes crystal, china, cast iron, copper and wooden items.

Load the Bottom of The Dishwasher First

  •          * Plates and dishes: Load these into the slots facing inwards, so the dirty side faces the water flow
  •          * Pots, pans, and casserole dishes: Face them downwards and avoid overcrowding them or stacking them up
  •          * Roasting tins and baking trays: Place these along the sides and back of the machine.

Load Your Dishwashers’ Cutlery Basket

Most dishwashers have a separate basket for cutlery in the bottom rack:

  •          * Make sure forks and spoons don’t get nested together
  •          * Put your knives in blades downwards so sharp edges are out of harm’s way
  •          * Lay utensils with long, thin handles down on the top rack
  •          * Keep silverware and steel separate, to prevent tarnishing.

Load the Top of Your Dishwasher Last

As a rule, cups and glasses go in the dishwasher’s top drawer. We recommend placing small bowls on the top shelf too.

  •          * Cups and bowls: Angle these so the water can drain
  •          * Glasses: Place along the side of the drawer for a gentler wash
  •          * Drinkware: Avoid placing these on the prongs – it can lead to water spots. Ensure wine glasses aren’t touching each other to reduce the risk of them shattering.
  •          * Dishwasher-safe plastic items should go on the top shelf. The heating element is normally at the bottom, so plastic is less likely to melt when it’s at the top.

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