Saving Energy and Water With Your Dishwasher
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Saving Energy and Water With Your Dishwasher

It may not feel like it, but the way that you load your dishwasher actually makes a massive difference to its efficiency. For example, if the spray arms get obstructed, they do not work as efficiently, and your dishes won’t be as clean as you would expect after the wash.

Saving Energy and Water With Your Dishwasher

As one of the main domestic appliances in your home, the dishwasher can make up a large proportion of your electricity bills. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average annual running cost of a dishwasher is between £37 and £48 (dropping to £23 - £37 for slimline models).

No matter what your models’ energy rating or age is, there are always ways to use your dishwasher more effectively. Here are some examples:

  •          * Don’t add a rinse cycle to your washes
  •          * Use the Eco temperature setting if your machine has one
  •          * Only run your dishwasher when it is full.

Dishwashers don’t just make an impact on your electricity bills, they affect your water bills too. The Energy Saving Trust conducted a report called “At Home With Water”. Its findings showed that hand washing dishes comprises of 4% of average water use, whilst in households with a dishwasher it only accounts for 1% of water bills. Of course, the ways in which different households hand-wash or use a dishwasher vary and influence the amount of water you use, but it is a useful guide.

Many dishwashers have water-saving technology such as Half-Load cycles and Load Sensors. You can use Half Load when you don’t have sufficient dirty dishes to completely fill the appliance. A Load Sensor adjusts the amount of water that is used for each load, even for partial loads.

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