Things to Think About Before Buying a Cooker
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Things to Think About Before Buying a Cooker

Do you need a gas cooker or an electric oven? Would you benefit from self-cleaning technology? Find your perfect cooker with this handy guide.

Things to Think About Before Buying a Cooker

There are three main types of cooker: 


These are all-in-one cookers with a hob on top, an oven below and sometimes a grill. The main advantage is flexibility. You can get a freestanding cooker that fits the space in your kitchen and move it around when you redesign your kitchen or move home.



These are literally built into your kitchen units. They’re 60cm wide, the same as a standard kitchen unit, with a separate hob. The main advantage is that built-in cookers are neat and you can position the oven at any height, ideal if you struggle to bend.



Range cookers are a larger free-standing cookers with more hobs, bigger ovens and features such as griddle plates or storage drawers. The main advantage is more space. The standard widths of range cookers are 90cm, 100cm and 110cm – with up to eight burners and four ovens.


Should I go for gas or electric? Or both?

Your fuel supply might make the decision for you here. If you’ve got a choice between gas and electric, here are some pros and cons:


Gas Ovens


  •          * Immediate heat
  •          * Heat is easier to turn up and turn down
  •          * Gas is  generally cheaper than electricity



  •          * Uneven heat (the oven is hotter at the top)
  •          * Gas hobs are harder to clean than electric hobs


Electric Ovens


  •          * Easier to clean
  •          * More even spread of heat
  •          * Induction hobs have more responsive temperature controls



  •          * More expensive than gas cookers to run
  •          * Non-induction electric hobs can take a while to heat up and to cool down


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