The Difference Between Gas and Electric Ovens

The Difference Between Gas and Electric Ovens

Are you cooking with gas or more in your element with an electric oven?

The Difference Between Gas and Electric Ovens

There’s no more important kitchen appliance than your oven. But which is better – gas or electric? 

Gas ovens

Gas gives you more control, as you can adjust the temperature more easily. But as gas burns at a hotter temperature, burnt edges are more likely – so you have to rotate your food. Gas ovens produce a moister environment – not great for roast dinners. 

The cons? Gas ovens are also more expensive than electric ovens and have the potential of gas leaks. But gas cookers have many safety features to reduce that worry. 

Electric ovens

Electric ovens are a bit cheaper than gas. They have a dry heat – great for roasting and baking. They’re simple to maintain as they can have easy-clean features. Plus, they’re easier to install! 

There are some cons too. Electric ovens cook slower than gas and are slower to heat up. Plus, in case of a power cut – you can do no cooking. 

What are dual fuel cookers?

Not sure which you want? You can have the best of both worlds with a dual fuel cooker! They use both electricity and gas. The gas part distributes the heat evenly whereas the electric element means that the food is cooked at the same temperature all the way through. 

The best dual fuel cooker for you depends on what you need to do: Freestanding dual fuel cookers are available in all shapes and sizes – from compact models to range cookers. Plus, you can get dual fuel cookers that have both gas burners and electric burners – so you can find your perfect balance. 

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