How Do Easy Clean Ovens Work?
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How Do Easy Clean Ovens Work?

A new oven can make scrubbing a thing of the past. Check out our guide to how easy clean ovens work.

How Do Easy Clean Ovens Work?

Oven cleaning has changed over the last few years. Now many ovens are ‘easy clean’ or even ‘self-cleaning’. 

What types of easy clean ovens are there?

There are a few different types of easy clean ovens:


This is common in a lot of modern ovens. The inside of the oven is lined in enamel, which is smooth, like a non-stick pan, making it harder for anything to stick to it - and making it easier to wipe the grime away. 

Steam cleaning

This type of oven usually has an ‘easy clean’ function on its control panel. You place water in the base of the oven (about 250ml) and set it off on its steam clean cycle. The oven heats up the water so that it makes steam. That heat and moisture loosen up the dirt so it’s easier to get the oven clean with a sponge afterwards. It takes about 30 minutes and doesn’t need any harsh chemicals. 

Catalytic oven liners

Catalytic oven liners absorb food splatters and grease. Rather than the food being absorbed into the walls of the oven, it’s protected by a liners. Then, during the normal cooking process, the residue heats up and burns away. When the oven cools, all you need to do is wipe away the ash with a damp cloth or sponge. You do need to change the liners periodically but it cuts down on scrubbing. 

Pyrolytic ovens

Pyrolytic ovens make easy cleaning easiest of all – they incinerate the stuck on food so it can be wiped away. What’s more, the cleaning cycle costs less than £1 in electricity - saving money on caustic chemicals.

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