Preparing Your Home for a New Washer Dryer
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Preparing Your Home for a New Washer Dryer

If you’ve bought a new washer dryer and booked an installation, what next?

Preparing Your Home for a New Washer Dryer

There are some things you need to set up.

Step 1: Plan the best route

Check that it’s easy for your installer to get into your home. They will need an access road and a space for them to park. Walkthrough from the door where it will be delivered to the location where it’s to be fitted. Measure doorways and narrow spaces and move anything that could get in the way.

Step 2: Measure the space

It’s good to double-check! Grab a tape measure and head to the space where your new washing machine will to be fitted. Measure three things carefully: height, width and depth. Each machine has its measurements listed on our website. For proper ventilation, you could do with at least a 2.5cm gap on either side and 15cm at the back. 

Step 3: Check your connections

Once you know it fits, you will need to check you’ve got the right connections. These will either be on the wall where your washer is, or under your sink. Expect to see:

  •          * A cold water supply
  •          * A wastewater pipe
  •          * An electrical connection

These should all be within 1.5m of your new washer dryer’s location. 

Step 5: have your Wi-fi password at the ready

This one’s only if you have bought a modern smart washer. You’ll need to connect it to the internet, so make sure you have your WiFi network name and its password. You’ll also need to be ready to download any tablet or phone apps for your new smart washer.

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