Tips To Make Christmas Lunch Easy
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Tips To Make Christmas Lunch Easy

Christmas lunch- it is one of the biggest events of the year for many of us. So much work goes into that single meal! But don’t let the stress of cooking get in the way of enjoying your big day- there are plenty of ways to use technology to make Christmas a breeze.

Tips To Make Christmas Lunch Easy

One of the biggest Christmas lunch challenges is getting everything in and out of the oven at the right time. The solution? Use your smart assistant.

 If you’ve got a smart assistant or phone app, you can sort your timings ahead of time. Sit down a few days before and work out how long each dish will take. Once you’ve written it out, you can set alarms on Christmas day. 

Sort the stuffing in a slow cooker

A slow cooker will make it easy to make delicious stuffing from scratch. Get your ingredients ready a day before and throw them in the slow cooker first thing on Christmas morning. Set it and forget it - whenever your turkey’s ready so will be your stuffing. 

Make space!

On Christmas day you’ll have loads on the go. Sometimes four hobs aren’t enough. To help with this, try a multi-tier electric steamer. You can put your gravy and bread sauce on the hob. Meanwhile, you can have combined three different types of veg in a steamer! 

Don’t leave the turkey to chance

Don’t spoil the centrepiece of Christmas day. A dry or undercooked turkey can really spoil your day. Remember that whatever bird you’re eating will keep cooking after you take it out of the oven. So, to get that perfect balance of crispy skin and tender meat you have to get the timing right. Use a meat thermometer so you know exactly when it is time to take it out to rest. Stick it in the turkey’s breast at the thickest point and it will tell you if it’s ready. 

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