Washing Machine Technology
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Washing Machine Technology

Modern washing machines have many programmes, ranging from conventional to high-tech. When choosing a washing machine, you need to think about which cycles you’re prepared to pay more for, and which you won’t need.

Washing Machine Technology

​​​​​​​​​​Washing machine technology is continually improving, and there are many features on modern models. As a rule, the more expensive the machine, the better features it will have.


​​​​​​​Smart Technology​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Many things in our homes are now smart, and washing machines are no exception. Connected with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Near Field Communication (NFC), you can monitor and control your washing machine remotely with an app on a smartphone.


Eco Technology​​​

Next-generation washing machines are making intelligent laundry a reality by using data to detect fabric softness and apply the optimal wash. Every item of clothing has its own characteristics and AI can detect the difference to protect the fabric.


Drum Technology

​​​​​​​Modern machines have special drums that move the laundry around evenly during the wash. This ensures every piece is thoroughly washed.


Brushless Motors

​​​​​​​Brushless inverter motors cut down the noise for a quieter and more efficient wash programme. Plus, the walls of the machine are often designed to absorb sound and further reduce vibrations.


Adding to the Wash

We’ve all added a load of laundry to our washing machine and started the cycle – only to realise we’ve dropped a sock on the way! Some brands included a porthole with a mini door so you can add items to the wash after it has started. Other models include a Pause button that gives you the ability to add items after commencing a wash.


Stain Removal

Modern families may find their clothes go through a lot of activity, so stain removal is even more important than ever. Thanks to ActiveCare technology, water and detergent penetrate deeply into clothing fibres, enhancing stain removal.


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