Cleaning Bed Pillows
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Cleaning Bed Pillows

Since you lay your head on the pillow every night, you will want to be certain it's clean and germ-free – and not just the pillowcase. As well as regularly cleaning sheets, you should care for your pillows, your mattress, and your mattress topper. Pillows should be washed two to four times a year (every four months). This will make them last longer. But not all pillows can be treated the same.

Cleaning Bed Pillows

While some pillows are machine washable, others are dry-cleaned only or the manufacturer advises only spot-treating. The care tag on the pillow is your first port of call, but if you need further guidance, you can follow our guide on how to wash pillows.


How to Wash Down and Fibrefill Pillows in the Washer

Most down and fibrefill pillows can be machine washed. Be sure to keep the washer balanced, whether that is one or two pillows. If you can't find the care instructions, this step-by-step guide may help:

  •          Select a gentle cycle and use warm (not hot) water. Add an extra cold water rinse and an additional spin cycle.
  •          Add a small amount of detergent.
  •          Tumble dry the pillows on low heat, fluffing them often. To help keep them plump, toss in a dryer ball. Stop the dryer periodically throughout the cycle to break up any lumps.


How to Wash Solid Foam Pillows

Unfortunately, you can't put memory foam pillows in the washing machine. They may be resistant to dust mites but it's still important to clean them regularly. Always check the instructions on the pillow's tag, but if it’s gone you can try these steps:


  •          Stick the pillowcases and covers into the washing machine
  •          Select a normal or casual cycle
  •          Wash in warm or hot water.
  •          Add detergent.
  •          To get rid of any dust on the pillow, vacuum it, or tumble in a dryer on its no-heat cycle.
  •          Spot clean soiled areas with a cloth dipped in detergent.
  •          Lightly rinse off with a damp cloth
  •          Let the pillow air dry completely before replacing it on the bed.


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