How to Use Your Oven Effectively
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How to Use Your Oven Effectively

Every kitchen needs an oven, and most of us use ours daily. But are you using your oven to its full capability? By understanding its functions, you can cook food better than ever. From grilling to roasting, there is plenty to learn.

How to Use Your Oven Effectively

​​​​​​​Oven controls and programmes vary between gas and electric models. Electric ovens typically have more even heat, whereas the temperature in a gas oven fluctuates.

To use an electric oven, simply set the temperature and function dial to suit what you are cooking. Gas ovens are a little trickier.

​​​​​​​Tips For Using a Gas Cooker

Gas ovens are the choice of chefs and bakers as they allow more precise temperature control. They need a little extra care though. Here are our top tips:

  •          ​​​​​​​Rotate food: The heat is less consistent in a gas oven, so there will be spots with different temperatures. Rotate baking trays during cooking to balance this out.
  •          Use a baking stone: A baking stone can help regulate the temperature. Place it at the bottom of the oven.
  •          Avoid dark cookware: Heat comes from the bottom of a gas oven. Dark cookware absorbs heat, potentially leading to burning. Choose steel, glass, or silicone trays.
  •          Watch out for the smell of gas: If you can smell gas coming from the oven, open all windows and switch the oven off. If this does not help, turn off the gas at the mains, and consult a gas engineer.
  •          Different oven racks give different results. If you are cooking several items at once, consider which rack will best suit each item:

o   Top Rack: high temperature, fast cooking, and browning.

o   Middle Rack: Ideal for most foods that need to be cooked at a moderate temperature.

o   Bottom Rack: Great for slow cooking.

  •          Avoid opening the door, especially when baking. Wait until the timer sounds and use appearance and smell to judge
  •          Keep the oven clean to avoid heating burnt-on food

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