How to Dispose of Your Appliances
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How to Dispose of Your Appliances

Want to upgrade a domestic appliance, but not sure what to do with the old one? It’s now easier than ever to recycle appliances.

How to Dispose of Your Appliances

Firstly, decide if you want to recycle, donate, or repair your appliance:


Electricals cannot go with standard waste, so they must be recycled – this is anything with a plug, charger, batteries, or with an image of a crossed-out wheelie bin on it.

Some ways to recycle include:

Local recycling centres: Every council offers these for smaller items. Some councils will collect larger items from your home.

Retailer drops off or collection: When you buy a new appliance in a store, you may be able to return the old item. Some retailers even offer to take it away for a small fee when the new item is delivered.

Donate or sell

If the appliance still works, consider donating it to a charity or offering it to your family and friends.

Some charity shops accept electrical donations, so give your local stores a call to check. Collection services are often offered by charities for larger items such as fridges.

Give away: Sites such as Freecycle let you advertise your unwanted item for free – then local people can contact you and arrange to collect it. You could always ask family or friends first.

Sell: If you need some extra cash to go towards a new appliance then why not sell your appliance on a website such as eBay or Gumtree? List the appliance and set the delivery option to “local collection”. Make sure to list the correct model and accurately describe the condition.


A repair could extend the appliance’s lifespan, call the experts at S&D Ireland for a quote.

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