How To Get Rid Of Glue Stains
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How To Get Rid Of Glue Stains

New pencil cases have been picked, shoes are shined and name labels are sewn on. Return to school is upon us and with homeschooling behind us (hopefully), you will want to ensure the kids are looking their absolute best as they leave the house. While we can’t guarantee they will come home looking just as smart, thanks to some laundry tips that will help you out, you can keep on top of the inevitable stains you’ll encounter during the school year.​​​​​

How To Get Rid Of Glue Stains

Glue stains rightly terrify parents. If one of your kids got themselves into a sticky situation during Art class then your first instinct may well be to panic. Well don’t: it is possible to treat glue stains with our stain removal advice. The easiest way to take care of glue on clothes is to make sure that it is completely dry first before you do anything.

  • *         ​​​​​​​Once the glue has been allowed to set, use a blunt knife to scrape as much of it as possible off the garment.
  • *         Leave the clothing item soak overnight in a bowl filled with cold water.
  • *         In the morning, lightly rub a bit of liquid laundry detergent into the glue stain after taking the item out of the cold water and wringing out the excess liquid.
  • *         Next, put the item in your washing machine on a warm cycle – 40 or 50 degrees if the garment is suitable to be washed at that temperature.

Hopefully, this will be enough to remove the last bits of glue residue from the school uniform, all ready for them to wear it at school and get glue on it all over again!

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