Dealing With Stubborn School Bag Stains
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Dealing With Stubborn School Bag Stains

New pencil cases have been purchased, shoes are polished and the name labels are sewn in. Back to school is upon us and with homeschooling behind us (we hope), we all want to ensure the kids are looking their best when they leave the house. Although we can’t guarantee they’ll come home looking just as smart, with our laundry tips to help you, it is possible to keep on top of those inevitable stains you are bound to encounter this school year.​​​​​

Dealing With Stubborn School Bag Stains

​​​​​​​School bags take quite a lot of mistreatment from kids. Whether it’s squashed banana skin, a burst pen, or mud from the bag doubling up as a goal post, school bags get pretty grimy as the school year goes by.  Here is our guide to a school bag spring (or any other season!) clean.​​​​​​​

  • *         To properly spruce up a school bag, first unzip every pocket, remove absolutely everything inside and then work a handheld vacuum into every conceivable part to remove any stubborn crumbs.
  • *         Next, remove loose threads, detachable straps and anything else that can be removed, and treat areas that are stained with a proprietary stain remover – working it in with a soft brush.
  • *         Next, put the school bag into a large laundry bag (or a pillowcase if you don’t have one) and set it to wash in the washing machine using a gentle, cold water cycle. Only use a small amount of laundry detergent.
  • *         Once the wash has finished, hang the bag upside down outside to air-dry with all the pockets undone.
  • *         Make sure the bag is completely dry before you put any books back in so you aren’t getting any homework soggy!

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