Dealing With Ink Stains
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Dealing With Ink Stains

New pencil cases have been selected, shoes are shiny and all the name labels are sewn on. Back to school is here and with homeschooling behind us (all being well), you’ll want to make sure the kids are looking their absolute best for the journey to school. Whilst we can’t guarantee they’ll come home looking as smart as when they set off, with the help of some laundry tips, you can keep on top of those inevitable stains that you are destined to encounter during the course of this school year.​​​​​

Dealing With Ink Stains

Ink stains are perhaps the most common of the classroom related stains, but the good news is that you can remove black or blue ink stains from pristine white uniforms with a few simple steps:

  • *         Start off by first dabbing at the stain with a kitchen towel or a sponge to take off any excess liquid.
  • *         Next, spray on a light mist of hairspray to cover up the entire affected area.
  • *         Then, make a mixture up of equal parts white vinegar and water and then apply this to the area with a clean cloth, gradually dampening it with the cloth until the stain eventually begins to lift.
  • *         Once the worst of the staining has gone, you can wash the item as you normally on a 40° degree wash cycle.
  • *         If that does not quite do the job then you can repeat the process again, making it a cinch to treat even the most difficult stains. 

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