Get Ready To Go Back To School
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Get Ready To Go Back To School

New pencil cases have been bought, shoes have been polished and name labels are sewn in. The return to school is upon us and with homeschooling behind us (we all hope), you will want to make sure the kids are looking their absolute best when they leave the house. While we cannot guarantee they’ll come home looking just as smart, courtesy of some laundry tips, you can try to keep on top of the stains that you’ll inevitably encounter this school year.​​​​​

Get Ready To Go Back To School

Here are some of our top tips to help to lighten a load of laundry now the kids are back at school.

  • *         ​​​​​​​Get the kids involved with laundry – ask them to help you separate out the whites and colours. After all, any help in the house is appreciated and they will have contributed to the bulk of the washing load!
  • *         Make sure you have plenty of stock of the stain busting essentials: pre-wash stain remover, baking soda, salt, white vinegar and your preferred detergent.
  • *         Always test stain removal products or mixtures on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it will not damage the fabric.
  • *         Should you use powder, liquid, gel, or a tablet for your laundry detergent? Knowing which is the best type of detergent to choose for any given stain scenario can be a bit of a mind boggler. Thankfully, there are handy guides available online to help you choose which type is best for your laundry load.
  • *         If you have any tough stains, then take a look at our handy guides:

o   Dealing With Stubborn School Bag Stains

o   How To Tackle Grass Stains

o   Dealing With Ink Stains

o   How To Get Rid Of Glue Stains


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