Floorcare Technology Guide
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Floorcare Technology Guide

The ever-growing range of vacuum cleaners on the market can get overwhelming. With a choice of stick or cylinder, handheld or upright, finding a vacuum cleaner that’s suitable for your needs –carpets, wooden floors, tiles, stairs, or pet hair – is stressful.

Floorcare Technology Guide

​​​​The world of vacuum cleaners has transformed and it can be difficult to differentiate between brands, models and the features they have.

Ball Technology

Technology has improved on swivel steering, which allows you to tilt the vacuum cleaner to move it. Ball-based manoeuvrability makes steering even smoother.


If you have different floor types in your home, one floorhead is not always enough. Generally, most vacuums have a self-adjusting or hard surface floorhead, If the floor head is missing then the rotating brush will drag along the floor as you vacuum and make it hard to run over long pile carpet.​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Pet Vacuums

Pet hair is a real pain to clean up. You need a vacuum that has either a beater brush, a turbo tool or a specific pet attachment to get it up – some models are specially designed just for pet lovers. Handheld cleaners can help you to keep on top of pet hair. A pet tool is either a small rotating turbo brush or an upholstery tool. They are specifically designed to suck up hair, along with any allergens.

2-in-1 and ​​​​​​​3-in-1

A 2-in1 or 3-in-1 design allows you to detach the main vacuum unit from the stick – which turns into a hand-held device for corners and car interiors. If you need to clean a hard-to-reach area, like under furniture or behind a bed, you do not have to keep switching accessories.

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