Five Top Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer
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Five Top Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

Alongside your trusty fan, what else can you do to help keep cool this Summer? Here are a few tried and tested tips to bring down your body temperature.

​​​​​​​Five Top Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

Ice cream and ice lollies – these are great for a quick fix but with one drawback: brain freeze!

A refreshing smoothie – If you invest in a blender and smoothie maker you can make delicious smoothies at home. There are hundreds of recipes to try.

Close the curtains or blinds - As harsh as it may sound after waiting patiently for the sunshine to arrive, it’s best to shut the curtains on the side of the house that is facing the sun to avoid turning it into a greenhouse. Open all the windows at the opposite side to keep the air flowing.

Ice-fan - Whilst many fans do not need an additional cooling aid, if you have an older fan, then you can give it a new lease of life by placing a tray of ice in front of it to assist it in cooling the air.

Ice cubes - athletes use this tip to cool down after a run: Simply place an ice cube on each of the pulse points in your wrists and the sides of your neck. The blood vessels in those areas are close to the surface of your skin so doing this means you will cool down instantly.

And there you have it! Five fantastic tips to keep cool in the British summer. Make sure to enjoy the sunshine safely this year, and keep yourself cool so you don’t overheat and get sunstroke! ​​​​​

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